CRV, leading in health and efficiency

CRV is a pioneering, innovative herd improvement company leading the way in dairying in New Zealand.

As a business, our goal is to help dairy farmers achieve the best possible herd. We do this by collaborating with farmers and offering them the best genetic tools and information to achieve their farming goals. Our extensive breeding programme, excellent genetic research and innovative products place CRV at the forefront of change nationally and internationally. Our customers are CRV’s best ambassadors, and together we are proud to be taking dairying in a positive new direction for New Zealand. 

Take your farm performance to the next level. The combined myHERDTM & Enterprise Dairy pack is the complete farm decision support tool. It caters to all your herd and farm management needs to take your dairy farm performance to the next level.

To learn more about combining your myHerd to Enterprise Dairy pack, go to myherd-entdairy; discounts apply.

CRV … proudly leading the way to better cows … and a better life for us all.