For livestock farmers that want to understand and make plans to maximise the return on their land, there is no better tool than Farmax.

FARMAX is a decision support tool helping farmers better plan, monitor and analyse their farm operations while balancing profitability, production and the environment. 

The FARMAX tool allows you to build a model of your whole farm system and use this model to record actual farm performance data, forecast future expectations and create unlimited scenarios for your farm system. In addition, FarmIQ can be set up to update the Farmax monitoring file with sale/purchase/death and birth information, making it easier, quicker and more accurate. FarmIQ currently integrates with Farmax Sheep, Beef and Deer.

FarmIQ and FARMAX together provide the most complete farm management system solution with both recording and predictive modelling functionality. Using both tools provides a holistic view of the whole farm system, not just profit, production and sustainability, but people, land and processes as well.

The key benefits include the following: 

  • Check that your plan is feasible - know whether your plan will achieve your production targets.
  • Get an early warning of feed deficits - forecast pasture growth and pasture covers.
  • Track your progress against your plan - discover any surplus feed early.
  • Forecast your production - calculate the covers required to meet production targets.
  • Forecast profit - test if your plan is profitable.
  • Test changes to your farm system - with FARMAX, you can see the outcome of changes to your stock policies.
  • Analyse different scenarios - analyse the benefits of different mitigation options
  • Run multiple systems within one farm plan - know how each farmlet contributes to your business.
  • Forecast key performance indicators - over 200 key performance indicators.