Gallagher has been manufacturing and selling animal management products in the rural sector for more than 80 years. The company has earned a worldwide reputation for understanding the needs of farmers and producing durable products that deliver great performance and value.


Data Sharing

Current functionality allows data captured on Gallagher TW-1TW-3, TSi, and TSi2 weigh scales to flow into FarmIQ via the FarmIQ mobile app.

Users set up a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection between the weigh scale indicator and the FarmIQ app to share data. Both Android and iOS are supported. Once connected, files containing trait and production data (breed, sex, weight, condition score, pregnancy scanning) can flow into FarmIQ.

Data can be captured against an individual EID or individual measurements made against a mob. In addition to connecting to Gallagher weigh scale indicators, the FarmIQ mobile app can connect directly to Gallagher HR3, 4 and 5 EID tag readers for simply uploading files containing EID tag numbers for NAIT purposes.


How farmers use the integration

You can use FarmIQ and Gallagher weigh scales together to:

  • Track animal weights against targets to identify animals that need special treatment
  • Perform on-farm trials to compare groups of animals to determine the impact of alternate farm management decisions (e.g. sire genetics) on live-weight production
  • Build a performance history against individual animals within a flock or herd to help identify those animals to retain for breeding replacements, those to mate to terminal sires and those to cull
  • Meet NAIT and processor compliance requirements