Tabula is a GPS guidance and job management system for farmers and agricultural contractors.

Proof of application data flowing automatically from Tabula to FarmIQ gives you the highest accuracy and confidence. FarmIQ Enterprise pack subscribers can receive proof of application data from Tabula Online, removing the need to input what was applied manually and the application rate into FarmIQ. You can do all your Farm Environmental Planning (FEP) within FarmIQ, which makes sense, with all your farm data in one place. Reports are quick and simple to assemble through FarmIQ, and sharing these with external parties is straightforward. Having the data flow automatically into FarmIQ means you can be confident that application data is accurate and up-to-date. You can use this data for compliance purposes and to measure the impact of effluent, chemical and fertiliser application on your pasture covers and, ultimately, your production.

Talk to us about getting set up to receive proof of placement and application data from Tabula Online.