Data Sharing Consent (Farmlands)

Under FarmIQ Systems Limited’s (FarmIQ) Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) and Privacy Policy, you can consent to FarmIQ disclosing or sharing your farm data with Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited (Farmlands).

FarmIQ has partnered with Farmlands to provide value-add solutions to Farmlands shareholders and key customers, including the SafeFarm pack.

To assist Farmlands in offering its shareholders industry-leading products, tailored services and easy-to-use technologies, Farmlands would like to access your farm data.

You consent and agree to FarmIQ sharing your Farm Data with Farmlands for Farmlands to retain, use, and disclose that data to deliver further value for its shareholders. FarmIQ encourages you to read “Trusting Farmlands with your Data” – their policy on data – which will help you understand how Farmlands will manage your information – see here.

You will receive a ‘special deal’ or other incentive if you provide the above consent and agree to FarmIQ sharing your Farm Data with Farmlands for the purposes described above. 

If you do not wish to give this consent, or have provided this consent as part of a 'special deal' or other incentive and you withdraw your consent at a later point of time, the “special deal” or other incentive will not apply to your Subscription Package. Other terms and conditions may also apply.

To avoid doubt, FarmIQ’s T&Cs continue to apply in all respects and capitalised terms used in this consent have the same meaning as given in our T&Cs.