Enterprise Livestock

Smarter farming for your farming business

The pack that records, analyses, reports and communicates to give you complete visibility, control and better performance outcomes.

For the manager on high-performing sheep, beef and deer systems that wants total control over their farm and animal data. The Enterprise Livestock pack provides an extensive treasure trove of information and gives you the ‘low-down’ on all aspects of your farming system, from data on individual animals and their performance history through to pasture and crop forecasts and performance. It builds on everything in Everyday and Performance Packs to complete the farm management picture.

The key with the Enterprise pack is how data is linked both within and across farms to providing a 360º picture of your operation with farm inputs continuously related to outputs. With rich insights you can ‘fine-tune’ your management strategies to take outcomes and production to new heights. Integrated task management makes it easy to run larger operations where communication is harder.

And, as sustainability becomes a more significant part of everyday farming, the Enterprise Pack comes with a full Farm Environment Plan, which links into every aspect of the system helping you to not only build a more productive enterprise, but also a more sustainable one.

The sheer depth and quality of information captured by the Enterprise pack becomes an invaluable asset to build a profitable and sustainable legacy.


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