Everyday FarmIQ

Make everyday farm management easier

Record what’s happening on farm with the Everyday FarmIQ Pack; the perfect pack to get you started on your digital farming journey.

Chances are, you’re already gathering a ton of information about your land, animals, people, health and safety, but it’s locked up in paper notebooks, diaries and people’s heads. The Everyday FarmIQ pack helps you make all that information accessible to anyone and everyone wherever and whenever they need it, which makes everyday farm management and compliance tasks a whole lot easier.

The Everyday pack makes it easy to record everything from staff hours to farm hazards, to mob movements and fert applications to shopping lists and contractor visits in an easy to use, easy to search and easy to share diary that’s accessible from anywhere at any time. Supported with slick task management for staff, it’s easy to share tasks and keep track of who is doing what, when.

To ease the planning load, the Everyday pack includes a suite of Farm Management Plans and an integrated planning calendar that makes tomorrow, next month and next season easier to see. With everyday farm management tools, great recording and some smart planning tools that you can share with everyone involved, the Everyday FarmIQ pack is the perfect entry-level digital farm management pack.


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