Dairy farm management

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Driving better business outcomes for New Zealand dairy owners and operators 

Complete dairy farm management system

A full suite of integrated tools that touch every aspect of dairying. From health and safety to pasture management, tools are designed to help you improve farm performance

Compliments existing systems

FarmIQ brings all of your farm and production data together to give you insights no one else can. It works in harmony with existing herd management systems, such as MINDA and CRV.

Reduce the time burden of dairy compliance

With an integrated FEP, FAP and a comprehensive diary, FarmIQ helps you meet your reporting obligations more easily by making it part of your everyday farm recording routine. 

Data Integration

Milk production data

Everyday, FamIQ gets a feed of milk data from all of the major milk production companies. For most, the feed is fully automatic however, for Fonterra producers, there’s a short manual step that we expect to remove soon. The real power in FarmIQ comes from the ability to correlate what you did yesterday on farm, with how much milk got produced today.
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Equipment manufactures and suppliers

As well as allowing manual capture of data from anyone, anywhere, FarmIQ also pulls in data from lots of different sources to help create new insights for users

The software integrates with all of the major weigh scale and wand manufacturers, as well as the major rural finance systems to share data seamlessly. There are many more data integrations in development which will all help to automate the process of getting the right data into the system.
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