Livestock farm management

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Driving better business outcomes for New Zealand livestock farmers and managers

Complete livestock farm management 

A full suite of tools that touch every aspect of livestock farming. From Health and Safety to Pasture Management, FarmIQ tools are designed to help make your farm safer, more productive and more sustainable.

Insights that help you make better decisions

FarmIQ brings all your farm data together with kill sheet data from all of the major producers to help you connect the dots between farm inputs and outputs and make better, more informed decisions

Reduce the time burden of compliance

With an integrated FAP, FEP and a comprehensive digital farm diary, FarmIQ helps you meet your reporting and compliance obligations more easily by making it part of your everyday routine.

Data Integration

Production data

FarmIQ has relationships with all of the major meat processors in New Zealand. With a simple manual upload process, kill sheet data can be uploaded into FarmIQ to help you keep track of what you’ve sold, but also develop better insights into the relationship between farm inputs and farm outputs.

Participating processors

Equipment manufactures and suppliers

As well as allowing manual capture of data from anyone, anywhere, FarmIQ also pulls in data from lots of different places to help create new insights and intelligence that you can use to drive productivity gains.

FarmIQ also integrates with all of the major weigh scale and wand manufacturers, as well as the major rural finance systems. There are many more data integrations in development which will all help to automate the process of getting the data you need into the system.
Device and integration partners