Animal management

Features and tools for livestock farmers

Animals are the lifeblood of any farm and their performance and welfare is of paramount importance. The ability to record, report and analyse data relating to animals not only helps you improve productivity and performance, but it also helps to build consumer confidence where it’s needed most.

FarmIQ will help you record, report and analyse every aspect of an animal’s life, from basic genetics to live weight gain, and from health treatments to paddock movements. It's built specifically to work with EID tags, but can equally be used at mob-level for simplicity.

General animal recording

FarmIQ gives you the ability to capture animal related-events quickly and easily. Records can be captured at individual animal level or mob level and can be used for everything from drenching to shearing. All general animal events appear in the diary along with all of the relevant information such as who, when and with what.

Included in Everyday, Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs 

Stock reconciliation

Maintaining an accurate record of exactly how many animals are on farm at any point in time is one of the biggest challenges. FarmIQ makes keeping track very simple with it's real-time stock rec. As long as you keep FarmIQ updated with all births, deaths, movements and sales you'll be able to easily see what animals are on farm at any point in time. Adjusting the rec is easy and once a stock rec has been run, it is used to drive other functionality in the system such as animal health recording.

Included in Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs

Animal movements

Once you know how many animals you’ve got on farm, knowing where they are, where they came from, who they are with and where they are going is important. M. bovis is a very real risk to every bovine farmer in New Zealand and therefore animal location recording is essential. FarmIQ allows you to visually place animals and mobs/herds in paddocks, plan where they are going next (based on available feed), keep track of where they came from and update NAIT automatically when required.

Included in Enterprise Livestock pack only

Animal health treatments recording and reporting

Keeping an accurate record of animal health treatments is essential for compliance purposes. With FarmIQ you can quickly track what animal has been treated and with what at EID or mob/herd level. Treatments are easily tracked back to batch numbers with associated withholding periods, costs and supply details. You can then run an animal health treatment reports by animal or herd for a selected time period.

Included in Everyday, Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs 

Sales, purchases, deaths and transfers

The process of recording animal sales, purchases, deaths and transfers is essential for financial and compliance reporting. You can keep on top of all relevant events on the FarmIQ mobile app or computer. You can keep track of fecundity over time, helping you make better replacement decisions and over time it can lead to a significant improvement in mob/herd performance. Animal births and deaths can be automatically communicated to NAIT for easy compliance reporting.

Included in Everyday, Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs 

Liveweight and weight target reporting

Tracking animal weight gain and optimising your feeding plans can be tricky. FarmIQ integrates with all major weigh scale/EID reader providers (Gallagher, Tru-Test ,iconix and Te Pari) to provide recording and reporting functionality that will help you monitor individual animal weight gain (by EID) against set targets. The process of getting data from weigh scales is simple and effective, and the performance benefits can be significant.

Included in Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs

Weigh scale integration

FarmIQ talks to all with all of the major weigh scales and wand readers from Gallagher, Tru Test, Iconix and Te Pari. Once connected via the FarmIQ mobile app, files containing trait and production data (breed, sex, weight, condition score, pregnancy scanning) can flow in. You can pull data into FarmIQ by EID or mob and use it to drive a range of features and reports within the system including:

•    Tracking animal weights against targets to identify animals that need special treatment
•    Performing on-farm trials to compare groups of animals to determine the impact of alternate farm management decisions (eg sire genetics) on live-weight production
•    Building a performance history against individual dams within a flock or herd to help identify those animals to retain, mate and terminate
•    Meet NAIT and processor compliance requirements

Included in Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs

Individual EID recording

FarmIQ is built specifically to work with EIDs. By recording animal activity at EID-level you can build a comprehensive animal history containing everything from its parentage to what it ate, which paddocks it spent time in and how it performed at the works. 

Leveraging the EID capability in FarmIQ allows you drive continuous improvement through your herd/flock by tracking and running continuous experiments at the most granular level. However, you don’t have to use EID functionality inside FarmIQ, it works just as well with mobs. 

Included in Enterprise Livestock pack only

Record stock movements across paddocks

Keeping track of where your animals are at any one time can get tricky when you’ve got a lot of animals on farm. FarmIQ allows you to not only visualize your mobs on your map but also plan your next mob movement by date and assign tasks. It’s a unique and powerful way to keep a visual track of where everything is right now.

Included in Everyday, Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs