Compliance management

Features and tools for dairy farmers

Following regulations and meeting compliance requirements are increasingly time-consuming and costly problems. Every day, it seems someone wants to know something new, and the consequences of not providing the right information in the right format at the right time can be extremely serious.

Some dairy farmers see compliance as a burden or a tax, but for others it’s an opportunity to build a better business. FarmIQ helps reduce the burden of compliance by taking the relevant pieces of information that are being captured everyday as part of good farm recording practice and packaging it, so it can be supplied to the right person with a few clicks of a mouse.

Farm environmental planning

FarmIQ incorporates an integrated ‘living’ Farm Environment Planning tool (FEP) that’s accredited by ECAN. The tool uses the system’s mapping, planning and calendar capabilities to help farmers identify potential environmental problems, develop mitigation strategies and run the programme of work required as part of the farm’s day-to-day activity plan. FarmIQ FEPs can be easily exported, shared with Regional Councils or processors as required.

Included in Enterprise Dairy pack only.

Health and safety

A complete, fully featured and best-in-class health and safety system is incorporated within all FarmIQ packs. The system allows farmers to identify hazards on their map, record and report on incidents and near misses, capture health and safety training records, record team meetings, store emergency plans and related documentation and provide farm/multi-farm reports on health and safety compliance. The functionality has been reviewed by Worksafe NZ. FarmIQ's health and safety module integrates with the SafeVisit app to manage visitor safety on farm.

Included in Everyday and Enterprise Dairy packs.

Automated NAIT notification

Biosecurity and traceability are now front of mind for New Zealand farmers given the presence of M. bovis. FarmIQ automatically notifies NAIT of all births, deaths and animal movements between farms. The system keeps a highly accurate animal-level (EID) or mob-level record of where the animal came from, where it went on the farm, who it socialized with and where it went, which have proven to be of huge value to farms that have been affected by M. bovis.

Included in Enterprise Dairy pack only.

Farm Assurance Programme

Like FEPs, the requirement to be New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme (NZFAP) compliant is increasing. FarmIQ offers farmers the ability to complete RMPP’s FAP template quickly and easily. FarmIQ pulls relevant data about animal health treatments, land applications and so on from other areas of the system—making the FAP compliance process as simple and painless as possible. The FAP can be easily exported for submission to an auditor.

Included in Everyday and Enterprise Dairy packs.