Feed management

Features and tools for livestock farmers

Good pasture management can be the difference between making a profit and making a loss. To help you convert pasture into weight gain most efficiently, FarmIQ has a range of tools and reports that enable you to make optimal use of your available feed and work out what supplementary feed might be needed. Capturing a consistent and accurate record of pasture cover in FarmIQ will give you the information your need to make sure your animals are fed, fit and healthy.

Pasture cover recording

While you're out on the farm you can record pasture cover directly into the FarmIQ mobile app—it even knows what paddock you’re physically in while you’re entering the information. FarmIQ integrates with a range of pasture meters (C-Dax and Jenquip), to make capturing pasture cover data a seamless and consistent experience.

Included in the Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs 

Feed planning and budgets

Building a good feed plan can be complex due to the large number of variables involved. FarmIQ’s feed planning and budgeting tools will help you calculate feed supply and demand for a paddock/block or crop with a single class of stock or multiple mobs. The feed budget automatically adjusts for different levels of stock performance and the addition of crops, supplements or nitrogen. Plans can be copied and saved for future reference or comparison.

Included in the Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs 

Stock rotation planner

FarmIQ’s stock rotation planner takes available pasture data and helps you plan out an optimal stock ration based on feed demand calculations, target covers and pasture growth rates. It’s a powerful tool for helping you optimise what’s growing in your paddocks.

Included in the Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs 

Pasture production and growth

The pasture growth report is generated automatically from pasture cover data entered into FarmIQ from by the team. It graphs pasture growth potential by farm, block or paddock and can be run year on year or by part year to show you how much you can expect to produce.

The pasture production report is unique and gives you a visual picture of your pasture production by paddock in tonnes. It’s a great tool for comparing paddocks and for planning replanting activities.

Included in Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs