General farm management

Features and tools for livestock farmers

Running a profitable livestock operation is challenging, particularly given today’s economic, regulatory, environmental and biosecurity challenges. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in overcoming these challenges to help build a successful and sustainable operation.

The tools and features in FarmIQ are designed to help you manage all aspects of your farm to ensure you're successful.

Interactive map

A fully interactive map sits at the heart of FarmIQ and is accessible online and offline from the computer and mobile app. Interactive map layers allow you to build up a detailed picture of the farm from paddocks, crops, hazards, buildings, animals to run-off blocks. From the map you can measure land area and maintain accurate records of everything that happens on farm. The mobile map uses GPS to make recording events against specific paddocks or blocks easy while you're out on the farm.

Included in Everyday, Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs 

Diary, calendar & tasks

FarmIQ takes the farm diary and makes it shareable, searchable and available to anyone from anywhere. Going digital makes a huge difference to your day to day farm management. Anything and everything that anyone records on farm will automatically appear in the diary and it will be categorised appropriately. You can create individual tasks and allocate them to individuals via the calendar making it clear what needs to get done and when.

Included in Everyday, Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs 

Farm plans

Making plans is easy, making good plans that make a real difference isn’t so easy. We've worked with thousands of farmers to develop best-practice animal health plans that help take the guesswork out of planning. Farm plans lay out the tasks, dates and resources required to deliver great results season after season. They can be customised and rolled over year on year to help drive continuous farm improvement.

Included in Everyday, Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs 

Farm input recording, inventory and reporting

Keeping accurate records of what products are on farm is tough and is often not done. FarmIQ makes it easy to keep track of inventory—you can keep a tally of everything from vaccines to drench with an accurate record of cost, batch number, withholding periods and expiry dates. Stocks levels are automatically updated when someone completes a task. Smart reporting ensures nothing gets missed, lost or stolen.

Included in Everyday, Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs 

Asset management

Farm equipment and machinery is hugely expensive and difficult to keep track of. Maintaining accurate records of what’s on farm, when it was purchased, what it cost, when it was last serviced and when it’s due for replacement are made simple and very straightforward when they're all listed in the asset register on FarmIQ.

Included in Everyday, Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs 

File and document library

Keeping track of important documents can be painful, but FarmIQ lets you store documents in an online folder, which is easily searchable. With ample storage and smart tools sharing and controlling access is easy. Having an online library makes keeping track of everything from health and safety plans to ASD forms incredibly straightforward.

Included in Everyday, Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs 

Management dashboard, multi-farm recording and reporting

Dashboards help make sense of complex data by bringing the most important information to the surface. FarmIQ has a rich dashboard that can be configured to show just about anything from health and safety incidents to available feed and yesterday’s milk production. You can also bring data together from multiple farms into a single management dashboard.

Included in Everyday, Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs