Land management

Features and tools for dairy farmers

Keeping an accurate record of everything related to land use is no longer optional, it’s an essential part of modern dairy farming. And, as restrictions over land usage, water quality and nitrogen usage become more stringent, technology is playing an increasingly important role not just in reporting, but also by helping maximise the return from the land.

With a fully interactive map at its heart, land recording and reporting is at the core of the FarmIQ system. You can accurately record what’s growing, how it’s being used, what’s been added and weather information, which makes compliance reporting easy and allows for simple season-on-season performance analysis.

General land recording

Everyday activities such as planting, can be captured quickly and easily via the mobile app. These activities are recorded against a paddock or block and will automatically appear in the diary, along with all the relevant information and notes. Events can be categorised to make searching historical records quick and easy.

Included in Everyday and Enterprise Dairy packs.

Paddock history reporting

At any point, you can run a paddock history report that lists all treatments and activities related to a paddock. The report can be run for any date range and can include the cost of treatments, which makes it an essential tool for calculating margins and planning future land-use strategies.

Included in Everyday and Enterprise Dairy packs.

Fertiliser and chemical application recording

FarmIQ makes planning and recording specific land applications, at a paddock or block level, very straightforward. All relevant details are captured within FarmIQ, providing support in terms of product selection, chemical composition, withholding periods etc. Supplies used in the activity can be automatically depleted from the inventory and the activity is automatically added to the diary and other relevant reports.

Included in Everyday and Enterprise Dairy packs.

Planting and harvesting

FarmIQ supports your planning and recording, and planting and harvesting activities. You can record the exact details of what was sown where, when, by who and how much it cost. And when it comes to harvesting the crop FarmIQ makes it easy to capture the output—whether it’s kg's of dry matter or number of bales. You can also choose to add feed test reporting information to complete the picture.

Included in Enterprise Dairy pack only.

Paddock nutrient reporting

Paddock nutrient reports are an essential piece of environmental reporting. FarmIQ gives you the option to select dates and paddocks, and extract a heat map report of NPKS application—this data is a key element of your farm environment plan. FarmIQ makes it very simple to produce, extract and send this information.

Included in Enterprise Dairy pack only.

Grazing days report

The grazing days report helps you understand the relative carrying capacity of a paddock—animals carried over time or how many times a paddock has been grazed in any given period. This report will allow you to understand the relative performance of paddocks and to inform paddock renewal/planting plans, taking the guess work out of the process.

Included in Enterprise Dairy pack only.

Irrigation recording and reporting

Keeping an accurate recording of irrigation events is critically important from an environmental reporting and management perspective. FarmIQ allows you to capture irrigation events at paddock level with all relevant information such as time, quantity etc. When coupled with soil moisture data you’ve got the insights you need to make practical, economic and sustainable decisions. You can report by paddock and time and provide the exports necessary to meet compliance reporting obligations.

Included in Enterprise Dairy pack only.