Produce management

Features and tools for dairy farmers

At the heart of FarmIQ is the idea of connecting farm inputs with farm outputs. To help you understand the relationship between what you do on farm day to day with what the farm produces day to day/season to season so you can improve productivity.

The beauty of dairy is the speed of the feedback loop—what a dairy cow eats today has a relationship with how much milk it produces tomorrow, optimising farm activities can make a big difference. By tracking kilograms of dry matter offered/consumed, along with other variables on farm, it’s possible to build up a deep understanding of what influences milk production most and drive up farm output within the environmental limits of the land.

Dairy production data

To help make the connections, FarmIQ imports daily production data from all of the main dairy producers and presents it to users in the FarmIQ Dashboard. From there, production data can be graphed and related to a = range of other known variables such as paddocks grazed, feed consumed, which all helps farmers understand the cause and effect.


Production data is imported automatically from: Miraka, Tatua, Westland, Open Country, Synlait. Fonterra suppliers currently have a manual upload process. 


FarmIQ presents the following data and correlations in the form of  Dashboard widgets:


  • Milk production (per cow and per ha/day)
  • Dairy feed (kgDM offered) vs milk solids produced
  • Dairy feed consumed
  • Somatic cell count, with targets
  • Calving spread
  • Animals in milk