Produce management

Features and tools for livestock farmers

At the very heart of FarmIQ is the concept of connecting farm inputs with farm outputs. To help you understand the relationship between what you do on farm day to day with what the farm produces season to season so you can improve productivity within the environmental limits of the land. Even with the relatively slow feedback loop that exists in livestock farming, there are significant productivity gains that can be made when the right connections are made.

Kill sheet reporting

Kill sheet data is imported from all major processors to provide you with essential carcass-level information so you can understand cause and effect. Data is imported from Alliance, Anzco, Affco, Duncan and Silver Fern Farms.

Weight and carcass defect data from kill sheets correlated to animal history allows you to build up a comprehensive picture of how feed strategies and animal handling practices impact on farm output and ultimately farm profitability. Comparing year on year data allows you to understand micro and macro trends and make changes accordingly.

Available in the Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs only. 

Silver Fern Farms Beef EQ Programme

If you participate in the Silver Fern Farm Beef EQ Programme you'll have access to a deeper set of reports that enable you to build a more sophisticated understanding of how the decisions you make on farm impact the product you ultimately produce.

Included in Enterprise Livestock pack only

Wool & velvet recording

In FarmIQ you can accurately record velvet and wool production volumes and quality scores for year on year for herd/flock analysis.

Available in the Performance and Enterprise Livestock packs only