Staff management

Features and tools for dairy farmers

Whether you're a family dairy farm or a large corporate sharemilker, looking after your staff is important but it can be time consuming. Ensuring they're safe, trained, on farm when they’re needed, and paid on time takes a lot of effort and paper. FarmIQ helps simplify and streamline the process of managing staff by keeping staff records all in one place and making them accessible from anywhere.

Staff and contractor records

Everything from personal and emergency contact information to training records are all stored in one place and can be accessed online from anytime. Any staff managed in FarmIQ can be allocated tasks with the smart task management system and you can involve them in a wide range of planning activities. 

Included in Everyday and Enterprise Dairy packs

Timesheets and rosters

Making sure you have enough hands available is essential—building your roster in FarmIQ ensures that everyone has access, even when they aren't on farm. Staff can manage their timesheets on the mobile app, making it easy to keep track of their hours. With clear visibility it’s simple to ensure that compliance with IR hours of service requirements are met.

Included in Everyday and Enterprise Dairy packs.

Contractor and visitor management

Organising farm visits and making sure visitors are aware of farm hazards and risks before they arrive on farm has become increasingly important. FarmIQ's contractor and visitor management functionality helps you plan and organise farm visits ahead of time and ensure all visitors are properly inducted before they arrive. FarmIQ integrates with the SafeVisit app to manage visitor safety on farm.

Included in Everyday and Enterprise Dairy packs.

Third-party access

FarmIQ helps you collaborate with your vet, rural professionals, accountant, suppliers, TFO or anyone else you work closely with. You can give third parties access to specific areas of FarmIQ—with a wider community involved, information flows more easily and everyone wins. 

Included in Everyday and Enterprise Dairy packs.