Roadmap types

  • Animal
  • Land
  • People & planning
  • Technical



Features we're exploring over the next 6-24 months, in no particular order.


  • Manage stock tallies from map and stock list
  • Ability to record drafts
  • Connect with weight indicators and wands
  • Ability to record births
  • Ability to record sales & purchase

People & planning

  • Calendar view
  • Create and assign tasks
  • Inventory management
  • Ability to record an injury incident

Up next

Features we are currently exploring.


  • Ability to upload photos

In progress

Features we’re currently building to release in the next few months.


  • Animal health treatment enhancements


  • Record pasture cover
  • View & record rainfall data


What we've completed recently


  • Stock list
  • Record animal health treatments (Enterprise & Performance users)
  • Move mobs on map
  • View mobs on map
  • View last health treatment
  • Move animals to unassigned stock
  • Mob moves improvements
  • Recording animal health treatment (Everyday users)
  • Ability to record deaths


  • Farm paddock map
  • General features on map
  • H&S hazard features on map
  • H&S emergency features on map
  • Paddock names
  • Paddock areas
  • Find my farm
  • Paddock select
  • Sum paddock areas
  • View paddock withholding on map
  • View paddock information summary


  • Re-synchronisation of offline data with main database
  • Create offline database
  • Switch farms
  • Password reset
  • User location