A complete training library
for the Performance pack

This is your step-by-step guide to using the Performance pack. Work from the beginning or skip ahead to find the topics most relevant to you.

6. Welcome to the map

How to video
2:17 minutes

The Farm map is an important element of your FarmIQ system. You can map many things on it, such as crops, the location of hazards and important features. This video shows you how to customise your view of the farm map so that you can see all the features that are important to you.

7. Drawing boundaries and paddocks

How to video
3:34 minutes

You have your basic map set-up but before adding in features we recommend drawing in your paddock fencelines to give yourself some more detailed reference points. Now is also a great time to add in any extra farm blocks that you might have. This video will show you how.

8. Managing boundaries

How to video
58 seconds

If you drew your farm boundary when you signed up to FarmIQ, you can now draw all your paddock fencelines. You may also want to add more farm blocks to the map. This video will teach you how.

9. Managing fence lines

How to video
2:17 minutes

This video shows you how to  manage fence lines on the FarmIQ map. Learn how to draw, change, move and remove fencelines. 

10. Changing stock class and aging date -Performance

How to video
1:51 minutes

When you load new animals into mobs, FarmIQ determines their gender and age from the stock class that you select. Each year on the farm’s aging date, all animals are automatically aged up to the next stock class.

12. Recording stock events - Performance

How to video
2:02 minutes

This video shows you how to record stock events and activities. You can record many stock events in the Performance pack.  For other stock events you can make a diary note using General animal activity.

14. Recording land events

How to video
1:44 minutes

Keep a track of what you are doing on-farm by keeping an accurate record of it. This video will show you how to record land activities such as planting, harvesting and fertilising.

15. Changing paddock details

How to video
1:28 minutes

Editing paddock details and viewing the history of what has happened within a paddock is easy, this video will show you how.

16. Recording events on the mobile app

How to video
2:25 minutes

Make sure nothing gets forgotten, learn how to input both stock and land events into the mobile app so that you can record what's happening while you are out in the field.

Viewing the stock reconciliation

How to video
1:39 minutes

In this video you will learn about how to view and maintain your stock reconciliation. Your stock reconciliation is important for keeping track of the number of animals on your farm, and the related transactions such as births, purchases, deaths and sales.

Viewing the stock list

How to video
1:23 minutes

In this video you will learn about the information available in the Stock list. Your Stock list is a summary of the animals currently on your farm in FarmIQ. It also shows any animals grazing on or off your farm.