Catch-up on our latest webinars

Animals are the lifeblood of your farm. These webinars will show you how FarmIQ can help you improve the productivity, performance and welfare of your stock.

Selling stock

Summer farming series
2:25 minutes

The series kicks off with the burning question—with the threat of drought, what stock should you sell and when? Watch how FarmIQ can help manage all the factors you need to consider and help you make confident decisions.

Livestock—setting up for success

Summer farming series
2:18 minutes

Watch how FarmIQ helps you to ensure that ewes bounce back after weaning so they’re in the optimum condition for successful conception. Monitoring stock performance throughout summer is crucial to success come autumn.

Dairy—setting up for success

Summer farming series
2:15 minutes

Start autumn on the front foot, make the right decisions in summer. For dairy the focus is on the balancing act between maintaining milk production and obtaining the right body condition for mating. See how FarmIQ can help.

Hitting liveweight targets

Summer farming series
2:13 minutes

Topic Five focuses on the crucial aspect of grazing management and the art of keeping pasture in the green zone for as long as possible to ensure that you make or even exceed your liveweight targets.

Hitting your target weights at the right time

Winter farming series
2:27 minutes

FarmIQ's weight predictor tool for winter finishing will help you to know when your livestock are going to hit their target weights-because nobody wants to peak too early.

Staying on track while grazing off

Winter farming series
2:00 minutes

Make sure your most expensive asset is well looked after, even while the girls are away grazing greener pastures. Libby and Todd show you how you can track their performance from anywhere.

Planning and scheduling

54 minutes

Let Libby show how you can use the FarmIQ software to easily set up an annual plan for an aspect of your farm. She will use the example of raising herd replacements, including weighing and animal health treatments.