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FarmIQ brings all your farm information together in one place, helping you to optimise your outputs whether its wool, meat, milk or velvet.

Selling stock

Summer farming series
2:25 minutes

The series kicks off with the burning question—with the threat of drought, what stock should you sell and when? Watch how FarmIQ can help manage all the factors you need to consider and help you make confident decisions.

Topic Seven: Farm planning

Summer farming series
1:50 minutes

The key drivers of farm productivity—feed quality and animal health shouldn’t be forgotten, even when times are good. FarmIQ can help manage the complexity of your farming system, learn how farm management plans can help.

Topic Six: Managing your milk curve

Summer farming series
1:35 minutes

Maintaining a high and flat milk curve over summer is the ‘holy grail’ of dairying. It’s easier said than done. Unlocking your farm’s historical data is key, watch how ‘looking back’ can help you look forward.

Hitting liveweight targets

Summer farming series
2:13 minutes

Topic Five focuses on the crucial aspect of grazing management and the art of keeping pasture in the green zone for as long as possible to ensure that you make or even exceed your liveweight targets.