Agri-tech for the benefit

of all New Zealanders

Our reason for being

We believe the key to a more sustainable, productive and profitable primary sector lies in the use of technology, and we are leading the way. Our goal is to simply transform pastoral agriculture by creating a platform for all of New Zealand’s agricultural information.

By pulling all of a farmer’s data together in one place and joining the dots between inputs and outputs we help farmers run more sustainable and profitable operations. And by opening the platform up to agri-businesses and stakeholders we allow information to flow through the agricultural value chain.

Ultimately, we exist to enhance farming practices in an ethical and responsible way, while seeking to ensure farmers remain a global success story where production and environmental sustainability go hand in hand.

The FarmIQ platform

FarmIQ is a neutral, open, map-based technology platform designed specifically to service the needs of the agricultural community. It provides fast, reliable online and offline access to a broad range of insights.

At its core, FarmIQ is an information hub—pulling data from a variety of sources and analysing it to help farmers, processors, retailers and regulators understand what’s happening on farm and make better informed decisions. It’s designed for a world where food traceability, sustainability, biosecurity and increased regulation are driving forces.

The platform is used by a variety of agri-businesses to provide services to customers. VetEnt’s, GrazCare and StockCare are built on the FarmIQ platform, along with AgFirst’s Landbase and Synlait’s dairy diary.
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Our history

We were created with the specific aim to prove that with better information, farmers could produce more of what the market values.

We were established as part of a government-backed Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) initiative in 2010, with the goal of improving the value chain efficiency by allowing information to flow freely between farmers, processors, and retailers.

In October 2017 the PGP finished and FarmIQ became a fully incorporated New Zealand business, supported by a group of passionate shareholders. FarmIQ continues to grow as the demand for farm management software increases, which is primarily driven by compliance and regulation.

FarmIQ leadership team

With a depth of experience across all relevant business disciplines, the team is leading FarmIQ towards a strong and sustainable future.
Darryn Pegram
Chief Executive Officer
Darryn trained and practiced as a rural vet for five years before pursuing his interest in business. He has worked in senior product, marketing and business leadership roles at Pfizer and Fonterra. He is an Independent Director of the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium.
Tim Nichols
GM Strategy and Marketing
Tim has more than 20 years’ experience helping technology businesses grow sustainably. He has worked across a range of sectors, including telco, travel, cyber and telematics. Although a relative newcomer to the ag sector, he is passionate about it, and is a quick learner!
Jock Richardson
GM Sales and Customer Success
Jock grew up on sheep and beef properties and has had an extensive career in the dairy industry. Prior to joining FarmIQ, he ran global sales and marketing at LIC for four years and New Zealand sales and marketing for seven years before that.
John Dyckhoff
Manager, Product and Technology
John has more than 35 years’ experience in IT spanning various roles including operations, engineering, customer service, pre-sales, product management and development in the retail, telco, security and agricultural sectors. He joined FarmIQ five years ago and is passionate about making a difference.
Avon Compton
Chief Financial Officer
Avon has over 15 years’ accounting experience in a variety of businesses covering banking, asset finance, advertising technology and central government. In the past he has worked for ANZ & Lloyds Banking Groups, UDC Finance, Postr Media Ltd & the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.
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Ownership and governance

FarmIQ is 30% owned by Farmlands, New Zealand's largest rural co-operative, 30% by Landcorp, 30% by Silver Fern Farms and 10% by Veterinary Enterprises. The board is made up of five non-executive directors.

  • John Quirk—Chairman. John is a Partner at Howard and co. and also Chair of SMX, Kordia, Wherescape, FrameCAD and Clearpoint.
  • Dan Jex-Blake—Silver Fern Farms representative. Dan is MD of Mangapoike, a full-time farmer and a Director of Silver Fern Farms.
  • Andrew Horsbrugh—Farmlands representative. Andrew is Director of Agri-Products and a former CEO at Craigmores.
  • Chris Morrison—VetEnt representative. Chris is MD at Lewis Tucker & Co and has significant governance experience.
  • Rob Ford—Landcorp representative. Rob is GM, Innovation, Environment and Technology at Landcorp.

Agri-tech for the benefit of all New Zealanders

Smart farming is getting your farm to work harder for you
Our aim is to promote and facilitate long-term sustainable good farm management practice.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow in the palm of your hand
We give our subscribers control over their resources and their legacy.
Working together for better is what sets us apart
Our aim is to bring together an industry network that makes it easier for you to succeed.