• Daily milk production data feed
  • From $195 per month
  • Free training and phone support
A full suite of integrated tools that touch every aspect of dairying. From health and safety to pasture management, tools are designed to help you improve farm performance

What's included in Enterprise Dairy?

  • Connect with industry leading partners

    Combine genetics and pasture management data for a full view of the farm.

  • Individual animal recording and reporting

    Monitor growth rates and performance metrics at an animal level.

  • Manage your NAIT requirements

    Remove the need for using two systems with our NAIT integration.

  • Milk production data

    Get daily automated milk feeds from leading milk suppliers.

  • Nutrient analysis reporting

    See your complete nutrient analysis season-by-season breakdown at the block or paddock level.

  • Spreader integration with GPS spreading units

    View the automatic feed of what your contractors have applied.

Starting from $195 per month

Meet our Enterprise Dairy farmer

After managing dairy farms for the past 20+ years, Dan Schat and his wife Amanda recently made the leap, purchasing their first farm, Emerald Acres in Darfield. Owning a traditional Canterbury dairy operation has provided a new set of challenges, and maintaining control of all their data has never been more important. They use the FarmIQ Enterprise Dairy pack to help stay on top of compliance, manage their pasture during the dry Canterbury summer, and keep all of their data accessible no matter where they are.

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