ANZCO is one of New Zealand's largest exporters, has sales of $1.7billion and employs over 3,000 staff worldwide. Farmers supplying ANZCO can manually upload kill sheets into FarmIQ to help them join the dots between farm inputs and the value of farm outputs.

A recent API development at FarmIQ has opened the door for automated data sharing with meat processors throughout New Zealand. The days of having to print kill sheets and manually enter data into the likes of Excel can be a thing of the past if you’re a FarmIQ user.

ANZCO’s kill sheet data will automatically flow through into the platform enabling farmers to make more accurate and timely decisions by having access to their kill sheets in an easy-to-read report and exportable format.  

Whether you’re looking to improve quality to achieve a premium or purely increase carcass yield; FarmIQ’s integration with ANZCO puts you on the front foot. 

The key benefits include: 

  • Mob Performance – understand what factors (i.e. animal breed, feed type, treatments, stocking rates) influence carcass characteristics so you can make the most profitable decisions for your business. 
  • Seasonal Performance – understand how carcass characteristics change across and between seasons so you can make the most profitable decisions for your business. 
  • Benchmarking – measuring performance against others in the region or around the country. 
  • Supplier Performance – the data will help support finishers in purchasing animals from those suppliers whom produce better performing animals.  
  • EID Finishing – the data will allow farmers to utilise reporting functionality in FarmIQ to compare performance of individual animals pre and post slaughter.  

The ANZCO integration is only available on our Performance and Enterprise packs.


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