Carrfields provide leading edge products, technology, information and services to New Zealand farmers so they can be more productive, efficient, compliant and profitable.

FarmIQ and Carrfields have partnered to bring the information collected by Carrfields Moisture Scout to life. Both FarmIQ and Carrfields believe that technology and information plays a key role in helping farmers make better decisions and ultimately increasing farm profitability.

Soil temperature, soil moisture, rainfall and air temperature data collected by Carrfields Moisture Scout (Standard, Plus or Pro package) is automatically made available in our Performance, Enterprise Dairy and Enterprise Livestock packs. For soil moisture data to be useful it needs to be viewed in context with pasture and crop growth—having all of your land data in one system means you can start to make smart decisions based on accurate and real-time information. The benefits of having soil moisture data in FarmIQ include:

  1. Increased crop success—determine optimal planting times.
  2. Extend the shoulders of your growth curve—irrigate only when you need to so that more feed is available for longer.
  3. More effective crop management—ensure your crops aren't stressed at critical times.
  4. Optimise fertiliser application—apply fertiliser at the right time to reduce potential leaching, loss of key nutrients or a slow response.
  5. Easily meet irrigation best practice—accurately schedule the timing of irrigation.