Farmlands is New Zealand’s leading rural supplies and services co-operative. Farmlands Co-operative exists to put its shareholders’ future success at the centre of everything they do, which they have been doing since the early 1960s.


In December 2017 Farmlands took a 30% stake in FarmIQ with the aim of providing its shareholders with access to world-class technology that will help create a safer, more sustainable and productive New Zealand primary sector.

Preferred payment method

Farmlands Card is the preferred payment method for FarmIQ pack subscriptions. There is no easier or more convenient way to pay. To use your Farmlands Card, simply type the details on the card into the relevant screen during sign-up.

Farmlands shareholder discount

Farmlands shareholders who use their Farmlands card to pay for their FarmIQ subscription are eligible for a $15 discount on their monthly bill in return for sharing their FarmIQ data with Farmlands. Read the Farmlands data sharing consent to find out how Farmlands will use your data.

The discount is applied on a per-bill, rather than a per-farm basis. Farmers with multiple farms on the same bill will only receive the discount once. The discount is only available on new FarmIQ packs launched on or after 21 September 2018. To take advantage of the discount follow the prompts in the sign-up process.

Farmlands SafeFarm and SafeVisit

All Farmlands shareholders can download and use SafeFarm, a comprehensive farm Health and Safety application, for free. The app is built on the FarmIQ platform and provides the perfect entry point for Farmlands shareholders looking to start their digital recording journey.

SafeFarm functionality is included in all FarmIQ packs. Farmlands shareholders can upgrade to paid FarmIQ packs from within the SafeFarm application at any time, which keeps all of their data intact.

SafeVisit is a free visitor management app for all farm visitors and integrates with FarmIQ and SafeFarm. Farm visitors can book visits, review health and safety materials, and sign in out of the farm all from the app. SafeVisit is built on the FarmIQ platform and helps make visitor management seamless and ultimately helps makes everyone on farm safer.


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