With the threat of M. Bovis now an ever-present part of today's farming, finding ways to minimise risk and improve compliance is just good farming practice.

The National Animal Identification and Tracing (NAIT) scheme links people, property and livestock in New Zealand. Under the scheme, cattle and deer are traced using NAIT approved radio frequency identification device (RFID) ear tags. Once tagged, animals are registered in the national database. All New Zealand farmers must comply with NAIT by law.

FarmIQ talks directly to NAIT and can be used to automatically inform NAIT of animal births, deaths and movements.  Automatic NAIT reporting is a core feature both Enterprise Dairy and Enterprise Livestock packs, however it’s not switched on by default. To allow FarmIQ  to report to NAIT, you need to do a few things:

  1. Give us  written permission to report to NAIT on your behalf
  2. Ensure that all NAIT/EID tags are loaded into FarmIQ  for all stock
  3. Maintain an accurate stock rec in FarmIQ by recording all births, deaths, purchases, sales and grazing movements
  4. Tag all off-farm stock movements (other than sales to a processor) with the NAIT details of the receiving party

If you’re already a FarmIQ  customer and you would like us to manage your NAIT compliance then please get in touch. You will need your NAIT number and have the authority to give us permission to act on your behalf.