Silver Fern Farms

Silver Fern Farms is New Zealand’s largest livestock processing and marketing company. It is a co-operative of 16,000 New Zealand livestock farmers and currently owns 30% of FarmIQ. Silver Fern Farms has been involved with FarmIQ since its inception and has been instrumental in shaping the way farmers can collect, use and share data to increase the quality and the value of meat produced on farms.

Farmers supplying Silver Fern Farms can have kill sheet data automatically uploaded into FarmIQ to help them join the dots between farm inputs and the value of farm outputs.Get in touch to find out how.


Silver Fern Farms Beef Eating Quality Programme

Farmers on the Enterprise Livestock pack that participate in Silver Fern Farms' Beef EQ Programme have access to a more sophisticated set of reports within FarmIQ that enable them to build up a more sophisticated understanding of how the decisions they make on farm impact the product they sell. Learn more about the Silver Fern Beef EQ Programme.