Te Pari

By sharing data between livestock handing equipment and FarmIQ you can generate more insights to improve farm productivity.

Te Pari is a global market leader in safe and efficient livestock handling solutions.

FarmIQ has been working with Te Pari for a number of years to build robust integration between Te Pari weigh scales and FarmIQ. FarmIQ currently supports integration with Indicator iS-5 and iS-7

Owners of Te Pari scales use the integration to:

  • Track animal weights against targets to identify animals that need special treatment
  • Perform on-farm trials to compare groups of animals to determine the impact of alternate farm management decisions (eg sire genetics) on live-weight production
  • Build a performance history against individual dams within a flock or herd to help identify those animals to retain for breeding replacements, those to mate to terminal sires and those to cull
  • Meet NAIT and processor compliance requirements



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