Help, training and support

We’re here to help you get the most out of your FarmIQ subscription

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0800 FarmIQ and email support

Our team of experts are on hand to help 8am-5pm Monday to Friday. Call 0800 FARMIQ (0800 327 647) to get connected. Telephone support is free to all subscribers. The team can help you:

  • Figure out how to get specific things done
  • Give you advice on how you might use FarmIQ more effectively
  • Work through any issues you might have using the software 

If you have any questions after hours and don't want to forget, then you can email us at or schedule a call back and the team will touch base with you as soon as they can.

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Phone-based training

One hour of dedicated one-on-one telephone training is included with every new FarmIQ subscription. If you want more help figuring out the software, then call us and we'll do our best to help you out.

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Premium service

Sometimes you just need a bit of extra help getting data into the system or running specific reports. To accommodate this, we’ve introduced Expert Hours that you can buy for $130 each. 

If you want to go to the next level and have someone come out to your farm to help you get specific data or insights out of FarmIQ, then get in touch and we’ll connect you with our network of Rural Professionals, who are all FarmIQ experts.

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Regional user-workshops.

These are half-day workshops held around the country for up to 10 people. It costs $50 - $150 per person to attend and places are limited, and they fill up quick, so you need to book. If you can’t see a session in your area, then get in touch.

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Custom on-site training

If you would like us to come to you and run a one or two-day training course for all your team then please let us know. When it’s just you and your team the training can be customized to meet your specific objectives and is very effective. It costs $2000 a day for a trainer to come to you, but it’s worth it. 

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Ask Libby tutorials

To get you going, we’ve created a series of Ask Libby 'Getting Started' videos. They are short, sharp and a great way to kick-start your learning.

We’ve also created a series of Ask Libby webinars that you might be interested in, particularly if you’re a dairy farmer. They cover all of the main topics from feed management to Health and Safety.

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If you're a Facebook user you can join our Facebook user group. You'll find lots of experienced users in the group who are more than willing and able to provide help and advice on how to get the most out of your FarmIQ subscription.

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Online help

Within the software itself there is a lot of help available. Whenever you see a ‘?’ you know you’re only a click away from some useful tips and advice.


For laptops and desktops, FarmIQ runs in a web browser, It’s optimized for Google Chrome but will run in other browsers, however, you may encounter a few glitches from time to time.

The mobile app is available for Android devices (version 4.3 and above) from Google Play and for Apple iPhones (version 5 and above) from App Store.

FarmIQ has photographic imagery for all of New Zealand within it. You do NOT need to provide any kind of mapping imagery to use FarmIQ.

Shape files are special data files that are specific to your farm and include your fence lines, your paddock names etc. You do not need a shape file to use FarmIQ as you can draw these details in yourself however, if you've got a shape file you can upload it on top of the background mapping data already in FarmIQ to speed-up and improve the accuracy of your farm drawing.

Getting started with FarmIQ is a lot easier than you might think. Here are the steps that you’ll go through.

  1. Get a feel for the software and make sure it’s right for you. Use the demo farm, talk to the team and take your time. Be sure to download the mobile app as well as the desktop app (all the instructions you need arrive by email after you’ve signed up for the demo farm)
  2. Once you’re sure, pick your pack. There are 3 livestock and 2 dairy packs to choose from. 
  3. Next you need to decide how you want to get set up your organisation. If you’re buying FarmIQ for a single farm, then it’s easy. Just leave the slider on the sign up page on ‘Single farm’. If you’re buying for multiple farms then you need to decide whether you want to have all farms on the same pack and have a single bill, or whether you want to keep your farms separate. To buy for multiple farms, flick the slider over to ‘Multi-farm’. By selecting multi-farm, you get to consolidate all of your animals and potentially pay a lower monthly price (depending on how many animals you’ve got)If you choose to run each of your farm separately with stand-alone subscriptions, you can always bring them together into an organisation to get a consolidated view
  4. Once you’ve hit the buy button, you’ll be taken through the sign up process. It takes a few minutes Note, you can’t complete the sign-up process on a mobile device, you’ll need to use a desktop or laptop as there’s a few big-screen things that you’ll need to do.
  5. During the sign-up process you get to decide whether you want to pay with a credit card or your Farmlands card. If you pick your Farmlands Card, then you’ll be given the option to get a $15 discount on your bill if you are happy to share all of the data you put into FarmIQ with Farmlands. If you’re happy to share, then tick the box
  6. Once you’ve completed the sign up you’ll need to draw your farm. There are 2 ways to do this, either you can you do it yourself using the easy-to-use tools, or you can pay us $250 to do it for you. We’ll get onto it right away.
  7. If you bought FarmIQ for multiple farms, then you’ll be invited to keep creating farms until you’ve created all of the farms you need. You just repeat the process.
  8. Now your farm is all set up, you need to start populating it with your people and animals etc. To make this easy we’ve created a series of Ask Libby ‘How to’ videos that take you through all the steps in a nice easy way. We’ll also send you these over the course of your first couple of weeks to ensure you get the most.
  9. If you want some more formal training in how to use FarmIQ then you’ve got a couple of options.
  • Pay for a private course 
  • Attend a regional training event 
  1. If you need to get support or just to find out how to do something specific then feel free to call the helpdesk on 0800 FARMIQ