Ask Libby

training videos

Hi, I'm Libby Wood, one of FarmIQ's Business Managers. To get you started I've put together a series of videos and webinars that cover all aspects of FarmIQ.

10. Recording stock events - Everyday pack

How to video
1:33 minutes

You can record a number of different stock events in the Everyday pack.  For other stock events you can make a diary note using General animal activity. This video shows you how to record stock events and activities.

22. Viewing the inventory reconciliation

How to video
1:29 minutes

The inventory reconciliation allows you to keep a track of the different batches of products that you have on-farm.This video will show you how to set up and generate this report.

18. Using task templates

How to video
1:21 minutes

Now that you have the task bar sorted, you can save time by setting up task templates for those frequent tasks that happen around the farm. Task templates will pre-populate the basic information and requirements so that you can quickly assign tasks with the click of a button.