Ask Libby

training videos

Hi, I'm Libby Wood, one of FarmIQ's Business Managers. To get you started I've put together a series of videos and webinars that cover all aspects of FarmIQ.

Setting up Mobs - Dairy

How to video
3:32 minutes

To help you keep a track of your animals you must record which mob they are in, this will also help with reporting further down the track. This video will show you how to set up your mobs and view your stock list. 

10. Changing stock class and aging date -Performance

How to video
1:51 minutes

When you load new animals into mobs, FarmIQ determines their gender and age from the stock class that you select. Each year on the farm’s aging date, all animals are automatically aged up to the next stock class.

20. Adding blocks

How to video
1:14 minutes

Blocks are a useful visual tool for planning land use over the coming season, such as cropping, and set stocking.