Ask Libby

training videos

Hi, I'm Libby Wood, one of FarmIQ's Business Managers. To get you started I've put together a series of videos and webinars that cover all aspects of FarmIQ.

Introduction to farm plans

How to video
3:11 minutes

Farm plans are an important tool that allows you to focus on a key event such as calving, and then you can group all of the relevant tasks together to make sure that you are well prepared ahead of time.   

Using the task bar

How to video
1:44 minutes

The task bar helps you focus on what is important, showing you what is coming up today and in the future. It also contains a shopping and to do list which can be seen and completed by any staff on-farm. This video will show you how to find the task bar and set tasks.

Using the diary filter

How to video
2:04 minutes

The farm diary is the go-to location for recording and reviewing all of the tasks that have been set on your farm. Find exactly what you are looking for, quickly, by learning how to filter the diary with this video.

Recording events on the mobile app

2:25 minutes

Make sure nothing gets forgotten, learn how to input both stock and land events into the mobile app so that you can record what's happening while you are out in the field.

Changing paddock details

How to video
1:28 minutes

Editing paddock details and viewing the history of what has happened within a paddock is easy, this video will show you how.

Recording land events

How to video
1:44 minutes

Keep a track of what you are doing on-farm by keeping an accurate record of it. This video will show you how to record land activities such as planting, harvesting and fertilising.