Ask Libby

training videos

Hi, I'm Libby Wood, one of FarmIQ's Business Managers. To get you started I've put together a series of videos and webinars that cover all aspects of FarmIQ.

Land features on the mobile app

How to video
1:38 minutes

You can add features to your map such as buildings, tanks and waterlines, helping you to have an accurate visual reference on-hand when you need it. 

Adding blocks

How to video
1:14 minutes

Blocks are a useful visual tool for planning land use over the coming season, such as cropping, and set stocking.

Drawing features

How to video
1:46 minutes

Add some extra detail to your farm map and include features and infrastructure such as buildings, tanks and waterlines. This can provide you with a quick and easy visual reference which is especially useful when you are inducting new staff or contractors.

Viewing the health treatment report

How to video
1:19 minutes

The health treatments report is a useful tool for meeting compliance requirements as it shows you the details of the treatments that you have recorded during a specific date range. This video will show you how to generate this report.

Managing fence lines

How to video
2:17 minutes

This video shows you how to  manage fence lines on the FarmIQ map. Learn how to draw, change, move and remove fencelines. 

Managing boundaries

How to video
58 seconds

If you drew your farm boundary when you signed up to FarmIQ, you can now draw all your paddock fencelines. You may also want to add more farm blocks to the map. This video will teach you how.