Environmental planning

58 minutes

About this video

There are many different environment plans out there you can pick from, so how do you decide which to go for and how do you make your plan work for you?

Who is it for:

This session is perfect for farmers who:

  • Want a living, digital document that will feel like theirs
  • Know that the questions for farmers are just going to keep coming
  • Can see that good farm records are worth investing in
  • Understand the value of keeping all the farm information in one place
  • May feel that as guardians of the land they want to keep improving

What's covered:

  • Insights into the benefits of having a living, digital document that gets more valuable over time
  • An overview of how the FarmIQ Environment Planning tool works
  • An understanding of how the FarmIQ interactive map gives you great visual insight into every aspect of your farm
  • Thoughts on how this positions you well for the future