Why FarmIQ?

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Simplify day to day farm communication.

Getting everyone on the same page, particularly when you’ve got a few staff on farm, can be hard work. For sure, everyone gets together regularly, but stuff comes up all the time and it’s tricky to keep track of who is doing what, where, when and why, particularly when they are down the back paddock.

FarmIQ makes it easy to plan and allocate tasks to the team and keep track of who has done what. Everything is managed in one place and when tasks are completed, they’re neatly recorded in the diary, so you can stay on top of your to-do list. On top of the diary, FarmIQ tracks your inventory, shopping lists and a raft of other details that keep your farm humming.

When you’re ready, you can let FarmQI replace your diary, your teams’ notebooks and the whiteboard in the barn. It’s the answer to your everyday communication problems and can help you get more done with the team you’ve already got. If you’re part of an organization with multiple farms or distributed ownership it can help upstream and downstream communications.