Why FarmIQ?

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Simplify day to day farm communication.

Getting everyone on the same page can be hard work.

FarmIQ makes it easy to plan and allocate tasks to the team and keep track of who has done what. Everything is managed and easily viewed in one place, allowing you to stay on top of your to-do list as well as track your inventory, shopping lists and a raft of other details to keep your farm humming.

When you’re ready, you can let FarmIQ replace your diary, your teams’ notebooks and the whiteboard in the shed. It’s the answer to your everyday communication problems and can help you get more done with the team you’ve already got. If you’re part of an organization with multiple farms or distributed ownership it can help upstream and downstream communications.


Turn farm data into an asset that drives long-term wealth

Whether you’re planning to pass your farm onto your children or sell it on, making sure your farm is as valuable as possible is important.

Like buying a car with a full-service history, knowing how the land has been treated, what worked, what didn’t and what the land can produce is hugely important.
With years of data recorded in the system, FarmIQ becomes an invaluable resource for anyone involved in a farm. For a new owner, it’s like being given a full operating manual and it’s proven to maximise the value of a sale. Whether you’re coming or going, FarmIQ is an asset that everyone involved in a farm should welcome with open arms.


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Make more informed and timely decisions on farm

The saying goes ‘the difference between a good farmer and a bad farmer is two-weeks’, and for FarmIQ users it’s more than just a saying. It’s a mantra.

By recording what you’re doing as you’re doing it – from land applications to pasture covers and animal weights, you build a continuous digital picture of your farm that you can clearly see at any time from the palm of your hand. FarmIQ connects your data sources together, from weigh scales to plate meters, helping you generate powerful performance insights that no one else can.

So, next time you’re trying to work out what to sow in each paddock, or which animals to keep as replacements you can use your own farm history as well as your instinct to make better and more timely decisions.


Turn farm data into an asset that drives long-term wealth

Making farms more productive and more sustainable is what farming is all about. It’s what makes us kiwi and what makes our primary sector the worldwide success it is.

Continuous improvement doesn’t happen by accident, it takes hard work, planning and a lot of skill and investment. If your goal is to build a better farm, then FarmIQ can help. You can use the system to create and manage plans for everything from planting fodder beet to calving. You can monitor performance, compare results and use the data to make better, more informed decisions week to week, month to month and season to season, which will help you on your continuous improvement journey.


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Meet compliance obligations easily

Compliance is an everyday part of modern farming, but it doesn’t have to be the burden it’s made out to be.

The same information you need to record to make better farming decisions is largely the same information that’s required by the regulator, making compliance a simple process for farmers using FarmIQ to manage their operations.

FarmIQ simply takes the data that you’ve recorded, reformats it and makes it available to the people that need it, in the format they want it. It can help with your Health and Safety, Farm Assurance, Farm Environment Planning, IRD (max working hours) and Dairy Diary if you are a Synlait Lead with Pride producer. And when methane accounting lands, it will be ready for that, too.